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First Of Their Kind

This was a book which gave a fairly nuanced view of AI. In a way that does not simplify matters, and gives a fresh take on the artificial intelligence.

Theren is unemotional, which is what many might expect since he’s a robot. He doesn’t really feel and a lot of it can translate to dry writing, in this way it is a little dry but gives enough detail so that he still remains who he is.

And also really has a way of making it feel distant. It is rather well done, but I just feel very disconnected from the story. And I just didn’t connect with any character, although the writing was perfectly fine in this regard.

There isn’t a lot of stakes here, but there also isn’t a lot of development. I get why he got a job but I felt that during the time or was glossed over didn’t really help the story, or at least make me understand him or any of the characters here.

I liked how everything was explained and made sense. But I felt that there just wasn’t enough things to get me to care about why Theren was being caught in between.

The plot to me at least didn’t seem there. Theren didn’t really grow as a character, or at least I didn’t experience it enough to suggest that he was learning and understanding. The glossing over of the couple of years really wasn’t a good thing for his development and to set this up.

The beginning was the best merely because of the actual surprise, the backlash and eventually him getting his name. But after that, it just sort of never really managed to keep me invested.

The writing and the world building saved me from dropping this, it was fascinating and well handled.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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