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Mi Yue Zhuan



A whole month I spent on watching this drama, yes it was that long. Managing to finish 81 episodes in a month is already a feat.

Let’s start the review.

One thing I have to say about this drama is that we finally get a good heroine that is only good at the last ten to thirteen episodes, I kid you not.

Mi Yue



Miyue at the beginning was just so passive and got worse as it went on… until she becomes the Queen Dowager and she is magically better. I’m serious.

She felt like a real Queen Dowager, worthy of being called the ancient times Empress Dowager CiXi. Heck, I would even compare her to Wuzetian.

She at the beginning is passive and different. Slowly becoming worse, just because she wanted to keep her ties. I guess it does show her character but come on, you only stop caring after they tried to take your life like many times.

But I have to admit that she is a good character, the scriptwriter didn’t write her as though she took the thrown wrongly. Or as a complete Mary sue (there were times where she indeed was one and others a normal living breathing person). I’m not complaining about this as compared when I see the newest version of the Legend Of Wu Ze Tian, hearing it was enough to know that the script had been changed beyond recognition from history.

She felt like a legend female at the end, full of commanding aura. Also very politically astute. But her character for the first 60 episodes or so, I’m just going to say meh. Neither interesting nor refreshing, just meh.

So, was watching that far worth it, yeah it was but with plenty of skipping in between.

Sun Li did what she could I guess, the ending part, I guess she had me hooked to her screen. I can only imagine the difficulty in playing the Queen Dowager that sometimes made decisions that were hard without making herself look heartless. 

Character rating: 6/10(4/10 for the entirety of the first 60 episodes and 8/10 for the remaining.)

Mi Shu


I must say that this character was quite pitiful. At the beginning she was a very naive girl, believing that the way the King Of Qin courted her was true love.

To the ending realising that in his eyes he was only his dutiful wife, kept out of the emotional intimacy that he shared with Miyue.

One thing I like about her character growth was that it was gradual. She turns from the kind older sister to becoming a grey character in the middle. To turning full evil.

Her character when she was villainous was truly hooking. She turned evil not because she wanted to, but because she needed something that Miyue stood between her way or rather her son.

The actress that acted this character, she was fantastic. Her change felt gradual, to her acting nearing the end. Some of her looks were bone chilling to even downright scary.

At the end, I couldn’t feel anything but pity for her. For she had lost her son, and also her husband. She at the end felt so pitiful and crazy which made sense.

Character rating: 7/10

King Hui Wen Of Qin/Ying Si


This was an …interesting king. He wasn’t like most rulers on screen. Either too good to be true or just plain evil that it makes them looks ridiculous. (I rarely trust rulers that are saints, it just makes me wonder how for they manage to keep their country intact and not throw it to the wolves(other countries, other princes, etc)  …unless he has really ruthless subjects that knows how to keep it intact.)

He is a wise king that places his country above all else. And to unite China together, the vision he had and his reasons were indeed very good.

He had made me believe that he was a good king. His policies were harsh but realistic, it set how it stabilized the later governments. Not through lineage but through service to the country.

Yet, when alone, he does treats his ages well. Especially Miyue, he is the mentor who taught her the art of ruling and helped her to grow and become a capable ruler.

Character rating: 8/10

Huang Xie


This guy was actually the one I wanted Miyue to elope with from the beginning and till then end.

He was such a good guy, and a gentleman. In fact the only reason why they fell apart was that his loyalty was to his home. That is a very good reason.

He had cared for her at every angle excpet when she attacked his home. Even when she was with child that was not of his blood, he still accepted Miyue.

Character rating: 7/10

Yi Qu Wang/Jun


This guy had been one hardheaded guy as well as like a true Yiqu guy. I don’t have many things to describe him. He had intelligence yet he wasn’t the brightest. He still was a hardheaded guy and went one direction for the best of his own people and after Miyue.

He was quite the nice guy, helping Miyue and saving her many times. no wonder he was loved by Miyue. Until the end, I will not share any spoilers as their relationship just soured slowly.

Character rating: 6/10

Zhang Yi


I loved this guy for he was the intelligent guy. He was eccentric and rather unique and quite fun to watch. Just watch how he outsmarts people.

Also, I loved him for the way he helped Mi Yue from time to time. He was loyal to every king he served even if it was not his home country.

The way he talked was indeed unique and hooking and provided me entertainment when I was just too bored to care for Miyue and helped me overcome the episodes little by little.

Character rating: 9/10 for pure entertainment.

Ying Dang


This guy gets the first mention for being the most unlikable guy, it’s true. But at his core, he was a very good and well written character, because he’s made to be hated and I did find him annoying, irritating, and rather stupid.

As a King, he was actually… refreshing. As I’m looking as an idiot that only knows how to conquer but not rule. I’m. serious that’s why he’s refreshing.

Ying Fu Ren


As a character she was one of the most interesting ones, for she had been divorced (which wasn’t a good thing). At every way, she helped her country and did everything for them.

She was carefree and saw life in a total different light. She was a great aunt and knew what to do. In a sense, she had been pushed to the end before and understood everything when she was.

Wei Yan:

As a character she was pitiful at the end. She was basically betrayed by many things. Yet, she was intelligent I have to admit.

She just wanted her son to become king and nothing more nor less.

The other characters weren’t as interesting nor really left a deep impression on me as a whole.

Funniest moment:


The moment when she’s saying she’s pregnant in ancient Chinese. It’s just feels so funny, when she’s using the term that Emperors used Emperors later used.

Historical Accuracy:

This was one of the most accurate in terms of events. Everything happened here went according to History just yay the timeline was quite off. Details weren’t as accurate either.

But this is a drama, I’m okay with changes here and here. As the characters in actual history were pretty bad people and aren’t going to win the hearts of people in drama. Thus, time for changing.

I’m actually impressed that they managed to keep to the events of history although the details were dramatized but most indeed happened.


The plot here was not as intelligent as Nirvana in fire but it was already to have my attention. It was long and quite good I guess but not very exceptional nor mindblowing.

Overall rating: 7.5/10

Would recommend: Probably for strong feminist ideals, the women were not weak they were strong in their own sense. Also, as a good historical drama.

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