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A Time for Violence

A short story anthology with that title doesn’t really need me to say what it’s about. And it’s certainly true to an extent, there is a lot of violence in it.

Is it really tasteful? Depends. But in most cases, it was just bland. The most memorable was the first, talking about two brothers. Who would go in opposite directions, and wounded meeting each other again.

It was rather incredible in the type of suspense, narration and the ending was surprising. But also fitting. Sibling relationships has always been something I liked, and if they were complicated, I adored them.

The rest doesn’t really live up. Some of them just faded from my mind with some grabbing me, although ultimately failing to really impressed or even have a certain idea where it’s heading. And some simply have endings that read but nothing else.

So, the best here is at the front, the story where it is truly unexpected, but also one where the violence is explained.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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