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This work is the sort of work which does everything well, but I wished it could be more. The story begins with a young mother, who has her own secrets with her situation being defining of what sort of world she lives in. In a loveless marriage, without any real way out. It got me… Continue reading Chase

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First Of Their Kind

This was a book which gave a fairly nuanced view of AI. In a way that does not simplify matters, and gives a fresh take on the artificial intelligence. Theren is unemotional, which is what many might expect since he's a robot. He doesn't really feel and a lot of it can translate to dry… Continue reading First Of Their Kind

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In all cases, maintains the quality that it has set. Vicious was a revenge thriller this was after. And it was like watching a television show unravel, characters pitting against each other. All for a final showdown, each with their own story. And at its core, it was delectable and entertaining read. From Marcella, who… Continue reading Vengeful

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This book made me feel nothing. Despite the constant action, the fact that everything was happening. I enjoyed it but it wasn't anything exceptional. The story doesn't really go very deep into the themes. Even as it laid out a very important development, something that neutralize a renegade. And I thought that it was good… Continue reading Archenemies

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One Giant Leap

Again, I never had much expectations. And the climax did manage to get me reading. But for the most part the story was just so forgettable. It started off rather decently. But it just didn't seem to hook me at all. The story was poorly thought out and poorly paced. Although there was something but… Continue reading One Giant Leap

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This just didn't get me. It had an interesting premise where one was likely to really get to me. But just no idea what it had wanted to do at all. The story in my opinion had been really really poor. It just didn't catch me in any way at all. I was trying my… Continue reading Dry

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This was okay. It wasn't anything that really surprised. It entertained all right but it never managed to really get me to keep on reading. The best part about the story had been the subplot of Sasuke. That was incredibly interesting and the ending surprising. I liked that completion because it managed to surprise me… Continue reading Wildcard

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Nyxia Unleashed

I guess YA isn't just for me anymore. Or reading books in my favorite genres here. Emmett has lost all of what made him interesting. For lack of better word. He is just focused on the small things and little else. He doesn't suggest or even say anything. He doesn't want anything. And the moment… Continue reading Nyxia Unleashed

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This wasn't completely what I expected but I really liked how the world expanded. And found that the Thunderhead was pretty interesting despite being AI. One of the things that really bothered me about the story had been how the characters seemed a lot less in danger. Rowan's side was nice to know, but I… Continue reading Thunderhead

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Wholly difficult to read, and uninspiring. I felt that this sort of science fiction simply doesn't appeal to me anymore. There is a lot more than just spaceships, futures which don't make any sense. If anything, right now the future is wrought with plenty of grim futures, with a change in humanity. And well this… Continue reading Unearthed

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Honor Among Thieves

I was really bored by the story at the middle. And that the main character felt plain and didn't even stand out at the least. Zara did not work as a main character, she didn't make me care for her and she felt like many of the main characters in YA. Having the same sense… Continue reading Honor Among Thieves

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The Swan Riders

Mostly I'm just unable to really grasp the story as a whole. It just goes by way too slowly, even as the writing is excellent. The whole idea of AI is well explained and understood. But I just felt that nothing was happening. Nothing was really important and everything just went from one page to… Continue reading The Swan Riders

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Blood Of A Thousand Skies

Well, after reading State of Sorrow which showed me how intrigue is done right. This just felt underwhelming. Not to mention that last month I had good book after good book. Sadly this didn't cut it at all. It wasn't good, in the sense that I wanted to be. Nero has lost his edge and… Continue reading Blood Of A Thousand Skies

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Blood For Blood

This book grabbed me from the moment it began. Everything fell into place, and by the end I was never more surprised nor satisfied. Exploiting the biggest weakness of Germany at that point was that all power was concentrated on just one man. Just one man was holding the power, and if he dies the… Continue reading Blood For Blood

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Strange New World

Although it was about a topic that I think will be interesting, I found it rather underwhelming. For most part, it doesn't really try to make it relate to me. Although I enjoy just how and why it began. And everything behind it made a lot of sense. But I feel so disconnected from it… Continue reading Strange New World

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I feel so underwhelmed by what was given. This wasn't some incredibly gripping thrillers, it had me skimming the pages because of the incredible lack of substance. This was neither a good dystopian, because they were killed because of just overpopulation. What sort of overpopulation that needed this kind of methods. And most importantly, it… Continue reading Prodigy

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Defy The Worlds

In this case, I did want to see Noemi being much more challenged than she was. Although the ending ended in a way that I didn't except it to at the very least.Abel, on the other hand is a little too robotic for my liking right now. Often lacking in certain areas, and sometimes his… Continue reading Defy The Worlds

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The Empress

On some level, this lacked something. Something which will have made me love it. Perhaps it is the change of villains, since the last book had two awesome villains which I really liked. Such as the Emperor and his mother. They were such a good villain and antagonist to the main characters. There wasn't anything… Continue reading The Empress

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The Darkest Minds

And in the middle is where I feel that this doesn't go anywhere. Ruby is not relatable, as I didn't care for her neither did she do anything that made her stand out at all. I mean it. Ruby is incredibly boring, with little traits that makes her shine. And half of the time I… Continue reading The Darkest Minds

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Wires And Nerves

This was pretty simple and easy to read. Although it did take me some time to get accustomed to the art style, by all means. I did like the many moments of the old characters who appear often enough to remind me. But the plot was a little too slow to my taste. A lot… Continue reading Wires And Nerves