And I am taking part in Nano as well.

Wattpad username: Writingsomethingmt

Archive of our own: Dawningmoon

Royal Road: InTheEndlessMidnight

Webnovel: EndlessMidnight

My writing mostly is fantasy. Yup, an avid lover of fantasy at heart. I’m not one who always dwells on romance like who ends up with who. Well, I just think up of crazy worlds preferring them to the real world. And very dark fantasy, a lover of evil or bad characters here and just prefer them to nice ones.

Also, if you wish to ask me anything on writing feel free to ask. I’ll be willing to help you out.

As for where I’m heading into, it is mostly regarding serializing and content from there. If you wish to support me, find me here: https://endlessmidnightmoon.com/