Okay, I’m opening myself up to review requests through email. However, I can at any point of time reject them as I have a life or I just don’t feel like reading the book.

First thing, I mostly review fantasy and historical fiction, mystery and thrillers, with the occasional science fiction and dystopia. So, if your books falls under this categories feel free to go ahead, I’m more likely to accept this. But usually, I will read the premise before I do.

I also have a love for stories which blends histories and myths together, as well as a little of religion. Especially when it is either general fiction or mystery and thrillers.

As for epic fantasies, I don’t read so much of them these days, because it doesn’t fulfill me. And most of the time it really fails to make me care for the characters. However, if it is a lot more on psychological themes, or mystery, you can try. Especially if there is political intrigue. But epic fantasy with just swords, dragons and adventures, no.

As for the others, you can try to approach me but don’t keep your hopes up as I judge whether I’m interested through the premise. Also, I do not review erotica at all. It is a choice as I’m not comfortable reading sex scenes, so please don’t.

As for formats, as much as I do enjoy the physical formats. I know they are unlikely to happen since I live in Singapore, which has a very low amount of writers. So, I’m mostly happy with digital formats. But I prefer epub versions of the book, and will likely accept if the book isn’t needing to be downloaded to Kindle.

I have encountered many problems while dealing with Kindle as it seems to just say that a certain book isn’t in my region most of the time. So, no requests that is sent directly to Kindle.

Here’s my email: