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This was a strange book to be reading at the very least. It was baffling, rambling but about a very dark topic.

Except the writing made me want to cringe. Like so many times. It was as though no one bothered to check the content and the work itself doesn’t really come across as some gritty or sophisticated work.

It just turned me off. And it gets worse. The plot is nowhere. It’s about this boy, maybe man who is a human trafficker. And even almost 200 pages in I have almost bloody no idea what it means or what it wants to do.

Then there is the weird subplot about his mother which is about her wanting to kill him when he was out of the womb. It made absolutely no sense in the story and adds zero to almost no context to the story.

As a translation, this is either the issue of the author or the translator. It is so bad that I can’t even tell whose fault is it.

The whole narrative is poorly thought out. From the get go it seems interesting but falls apart by page 60, with either the focus on the strangest things or the weirdest ones.

And that the whole story couldn’t have been told by a child. It just didn’t feel like it and the plot didn’t help.

Overall, this was just one strange work. I wanted something serious, or perhaps something deep. What I got was neither and something so strange that it barely made any sense even when I was barely halfway through.

Rating: 1 out of 5

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