Setting up your website on a budget

There will be two posts regarding this, that and a lot of extra details and add-ons, things which you think will be easier but it happens to be pretty much a no. But here is the first. Imagine that you don't have a lot of cash, and you want a website. There are free options… Continue reading Setting up your website on a budget


Do you need to code for your websites?

Honestly no, but it depends. Although with the rise of popular and also reliable website builders it has become a lot easier for websites to be created without a single line of code. Even as a programmer, and having done two to three websites, I can still safely say that it is true that I… Continue reading Do you need to code for your websites?


A Writer’s Website

After nearly three months of hiatus I have decided to try something new on this blog. I won't really be book blogging anymore but I'll be giving a little bit of help when it comes to websites. After being in a IT student for over a year and experimenting with blogs twice afterwards. I have… Continue reading A Writer’s Website



A permanent hiatus. Mostly because I'm just not inspired or even really interested in maintaining a book blog now. Since I was mostly pressuring myself and found myself really pushing through books rather than say reading what I liked. So I'll be taking a long break from blogging about books but I'll still be reading… Continue reading Hiatus

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Hazards of Time Travel

I am honestly really really bored by the story. What is there to read? Something going horribly wrong? The idea of time travel being flawed. None of that is actually answered here. When the story literally jumps around with absolutely no idea on what it's doing at the end of the day. Who is the… Continue reading Hazards of Time Travel

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Altair: A Record of Battles

If anything, this had been one interesting ride. The story isn't about fantasy, or anything like that. It is a very realistic story, derailing the records of battle and knowing how to leverage the fact that characters here are mortal and battle doesn't always mean that it is an instant win. The beginning starts off… Continue reading Altair: A Record of Battles


April: Slowing Down

April will be the month where I began to scale back. As much as I have gotten less ambitious with my book reading mostly because of a lack of interest. And I'm thinking about moving this back purely to a site about reviewing books and anime. I had been through quite a lot and I… Continue reading April: Slowing Down

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A leap into nonfiction

Nonfiction had been my newest idea to try and spice up my reading. And so far it has given me quite an insight into developing characters, themes as well as understanding how to market. I went into nonfiction because of boredom and a lack of anything to really read. Nothing was really transporting me anywhere… Continue reading A leap into nonfiction


Your writing has a piece of you

Every piece of writing that you make has something of you in it. Whether is it conscious or unconscious. And most importantly, that piece is what makes you stand out as a writer. No one will employ the same kind of style. There may be people who might decide to imitate, but the exact word… Continue reading Your writing has a piece of you

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A Tale of Two Murders

Well, I didn't feel anything at all while reading the book. It wasn't that bad but was it good, I won't really say it was. The ending was convenient if there was a word for it. And I don't think there is one which is better suited to describing the ending than just merely boring.… Continue reading A Tale of Two Murders


Focusing on the right thing

After many days of simply sitting around and pondering, the answer that I feel I needed was focus. I'm a natural born multitasker. My mind is usually in many different places at once. And I am always brimming with ideas. Filled up to the top and filling as though I have too many things on… Continue reading Focusing on the right thing


Shokugeki No Soma

Shokugeki no Soma is a story that manages to impress me despite the story detail. It is a fresh take on making cooking look interesting filled with tension. All the while without disregarding what real cooking entails. Preparation work, planning and improving one's skill is related to bring a chef. Most important of all, is… Continue reading Shokugeki No Soma

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I was incredibly bored by the book. Despite trying all I can to ensure reading this it has been largely a boring experience. The story opens strangely. And then for the first hundred pages, nothing interesting happens. It is confusing into what sort of world it is. And the descriptions didn't serve to make it… Continue reading Want


The art of patience

As of now, I have never been more aware of how patience helps me more than anything else. It prevents me from making rash decisions and also made me realize just how I needed to learn it. I needed to stop doing. Why? Because it would give me a better idea on how proceed better.… Continue reading The art of patience

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Making your own education

The art of educating ourselves does not always lie in the classroom. I realized that I didn't really learn a ton of things or really found formal education all that useful. Instead, I sought to expand my own skillset using online courses and picking up new skills that I feel I will need. At this… Continue reading Making your own education


Failure is normal

After nearly seven failed attempts, I realized that each time I simply learn something new. I add something to my skill set and learn how to become a better person. Failure has become normal to me now. I expect it, I feel it but I no longer fear it. I think about ways to understand… Continue reading Failure is normal


Knowing what makes your work unique

I realized that for a long while, the best thing I could sell myself was the fact that I made my work my own. At this point I know that almost no one else will think the same way that I did. No one will write the story in the same way that I will.… Continue reading Knowing what makes your work unique


Having Multiple Interests

I have many many interests. That has been something known to me for quite a while. I enjoyed programming and making programs, as much as I loved the art of speculating history. Recently I began to look into business strategy, marketing as I realize that it will be better if I taught myself such things… Continue reading Having Multiple Interests


Advantages of an average student

Being an average student has had more things for me than otherwise. I always managed to find time for myself and managing to do things that were simply impossible for people who were always studying to keep themselves ahead.I learned to write by simply having the time to spend on my hand phone. I loved… Continue reading Advantages of an average student

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Muse of Nightmares

When you read a book so good that it leaves you speechless? This is definitely one of them. The plot here isn't clear cut. But even then the story moves, there is direction. It isn't easy to follow and it is something subtle. Most books from the get go are explosive in their plot points,… Continue reading Muse of Nightmares