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The Paragon Hotel

The story had a distinctive style to it. Especially in its setting, but the plot and characters were rather lackluster. At least in my opinion. The story starts off with a style that takes a while to get into. And there seems to be a direction. Except that I don't really feel it anyway. The… Continue reading The Paragon Hotel

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The Corset

This was something that would linger in my mind. And the moment I started to read, it simply refused to let me go. I finished the book in one sitting. It is a book about murder, tales and most importantly it is a book about society. How in one end it is so perfect, where… Continue reading The Corset

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City of Gods

This book definitely did have scenes that stood out to me. Even if it wasn't perfect. The beginning was confusing but it managed to catch up later on. The most memorable moment was where Abigail was confronting her father and eventually with her own mother. It was absolutely incredibly fascinating. I have went through the… Continue reading City of Gods

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Y is for Yesterday

I was expecting a little more coming from the work. Or at least to feel how it should be. Dark, grim with one twist after another. It just didn't come. Fritz was nice but his death had came too early. And a big mistake was how it had almost nothing to do with the main… Continue reading Y is for Yesterday

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The Murder of Harriet Monckton

It wasn't written in the usual way and yet I can't say that the story didn't entice me. It managed to get me to read this highly wildly structured novel. And managed to make it work. The best part of the story lies in Harriet's own thoughts. That to me was the biggest part. And… Continue reading The Murder of Harriet Monckton

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The Promised Neverland

Contrary to what many thought I never really got into the series. It got good then it didn't. And after a while I just didn't care about the series enough. It had a unique premise, I'll give it that but it also brought a lot of problems too. At times it just dragged. The story… Continue reading The Promised Neverland

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The Saint Of Wolves And Butchers

This was almost the same, boring and incredibly bland. The story just didn't catch my interest. It began on an interesting note, but then so many characters came into the picture. And then none of them were distinct enough for me to figure out just who was the main character. I feel that the main… Continue reading The Saint Of Wolves And Butchers

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Jar of Hearts

This was disappointing in a sense that I simply didn't know just what it was trying to do. Whether it had been to talk about an inmate and how she could have possibly killed someone. But the premise promised something that it didn't deliver. A mystery that Geo will need to crack. There was almost… Continue reading Jar of Hearts

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The Shadow Land

This was not really what I had in mind when I was reading such a story. It is about a war, but at the same time what happens outside of the war is wholly uninteresting as a whole. And mostly rather disappointing in how it handles the story. Nothing really happens and although I like… Continue reading The Shadow Land

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Playing By Fire

For such a story, I was more interested in the war parts. Which I agree as well. Lorenzo's story was more important than Julia's at any point. Because of how it had affected later on. I liked the dark legacy of Inciendo and who it meant. But I didn't like mostly everything else. It doesn't… Continue reading Playing By Fire

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Blood For Blood

This book grabbed me from the moment it began. Everything fell into place, and by the end I was never more surprised nor satisfied. Exploiting the biggest weakness of Germany at that point was that all power was concentrated on just one man. Just one man was holding the power, and if he dies the… Continue reading Blood For Blood

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The Angel Makers

This was not nearly as interesting as The Sixth Victim. The Sixth Victim had a lot of connection to Constance, and Emily as well. Linking them together. This felt a lot less so, with the link not as strong, Emily not having too much of a reason to follow through with this. Or the fact… Continue reading The Angel Makers

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The Woodcutter

I just couldn't get into the story. Not at all, something just made it incredibly difficult for me to continue the story. As well as the fact that the characters were all a little too bland. The plot to my feeling was a little too slow, and didn't have anything that added a lot of… Continue reading The Woodcutter

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Jack Was Here

This was an interesting thriller. A story about a father hiring his brother to find his son, and a tale of Thailand. Despite how close the country is to mine, to the point that many visited Thailand. I never did. Although I do know of its dangers, and the way that a lot of things… Continue reading Jack Was Here

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The Dead Girls Of Hysteria Hall

It wasn't anything that was groundbreaking or new. But it was satisfying, it told a story and made itself to be entertaining. Which is more than enough to keep me hooked. Delia is the main character and she goes through quite a lot. I prefer not to say, since the entire reason why I began… Continue reading The Dead Girls Of Hysteria Hall

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The 71/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

If there was anything that really screwed with my mind, in a way that I barely knew what was going on, yet I still savoured every word, this is it. It is told from seven different perspectives, but not once did I find it boring, each one holds an important key, and really twists it… Continue reading The 71/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

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Well, I found myself understanding and even caring for Greer quite a bit. And the whole idea of having tradition needing to be kept, no matter the means. The main characters were likeable, and truly growed throughout the book itself. It isn't really about rich kids having the money and power to do what they… Continue reading S.T.A.G.S

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The Sixth Victim

This was one book which managed to write the ever iconical Jack the Ripper story in another version. The version where it seems that there will be multiple killers which always exist. This really isn't for the light hearted. As it deals a lot with spiritual moments, the situation that women faced in these times.… Continue reading The Sixth Victim

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This was a thriller which made me think that perhaps, I should just grab books off the shelf. Apparently, it manages to make me enjoy much of the story. Especially if it blends fiction with reality, and here the Carrion King was an intriguing tale which was used here. And that almost all of them… Continue reading Wychwood

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Searcher For The Dead

I just didn't enjoy much of the book at all. I did feel that it could have been done much better. A lot better if you ask me since I didn't care for the characters at all. Well, I was initially intrigued. But there just wasn't anything interesting that was happening there, and I really… Continue reading Searcher For The Dead