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The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein

Well, this was a book which kept me flipping the pages. With twists that I didn't expect and was in all ways, entertaining, but also full of depth. What happens when a girl is given to the Frankenstein family? What happens if she is raised to know to win his love, and he only has… Continue reading The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein

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Batman: Nightwalker

The one thing that bothered me the most about the story here had been how unbelievable it was. It turns out Bruce Wayne had to do community service in an asylum. I'm pretty sure that majority of all teenagers do not get assigned that. As most of them will be helping at orphanages or hospices… Continue reading Batman: Nightwalker

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Catwoman: Soul Stealer

If anything, this was just as uninspiring. Selina was incredibly difficult for me to like as character. She didn't have many many ties in the story and didn't have anything that made her stand out. And although I should be expected to know about the story. The character was not even compelling me to read… Continue reading Catwoman: Soul Stealer

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Endless Water, Starless Sky

Well if I did hope for any explanations, this didn't serve it. Although the story does end on a sad note, seeing as there are costs to bringing back Romeo. But I feel that the main thing here was the whole idea of how Romeo and Juliet were retold with necromancers. Which will have done… Continue reading Endless Water, Starless Sky

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Mademoiselle Chanel

If anything, this was the story which was different. Although it was not to the exact idea I had for a long time. Chanel was a woman whom captured my interest. A woman who never married and worked her way to her own fortune. It was one of the most inspiring works, but I feel… Continue reading Mademoiselle Chanel

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Spinning Silver

This was a wholly much better work. But I feel that it just lost the steam as it got to the end. The beginning opens with a girl who collects money because her father won't. And that is how she will survive. She also happens to be a Jew and I incredibly like the contrast… Continue reading Spinning Silver

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For most of the time I was reading, nothing really kept my attention. Or even tried to keep it. The story is about a girl who ends up becoming some apprentice to a dragon. And has a friend who is corrupted or something. And when the dragon helps her, a prince comes to check if… Continue reading Uprooted

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In all ways, this is a slow piece of work. With Circe as the centre of it all, the one who is not only flawed, but also condemned. It is a slow piece of work. Taking time to build Circe, and time passes very very fast. For a girl that has been outcasted, she wears… Continue reading Circe

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Fatal Throne

If there was anything that I can say stood out so well in this, it was how each queen was different, and instead of defaulting to a few very well known characteristics, it expanded upon them. Each of his Queens feels real here, as they should be. Katherine, isn't just her loyalty, her piousness or… Continue reading Fatal Throne

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What Makes Forest Of A Thousand Lanterns Fresh?

And here I am on a book that totally surprised me this year, climbing its way to being one of the things that I prize. Why? It wasn't in the premise, the characters or the plot. The plot followed a fairy tale retelling of snow white except in the eyes of the evil queen. The… Continue reading What Makes Forest Of A Thousand Lanterns Fresh?

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It was not even the most interesting of sequels. I didn't think that the stakes were there. There were some elements which kept me reading. But I think that it generally was because both Alyssa wasn't that interesting. Neither were her parents, who took a more central focus. I did enjoy the change, but I… Continue reading Unhinged

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Zombie Abbey

Well, it will have worked better if I understood any of the characters. But I didn't, and I found all them lacking in characterization. Although I do know that this is a retelling of Downtown Abbey, with zombies. But it was just difficult to have a connection as there was just too little tension, or… Continue reading Zombie Abbey

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Sense And Sensibility: Manga Classics

Well, I somewhat enjoyed the adaption. On a level, I could feel emotion towards the main characters and the struggles they go through. I feel that it is rather truthful and even real. I cared for Marianne the most, somehow Elinor was lost on me. I didn't really care much about her. And the way… Continue reading Sense And Sensibility: Manga Classics

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The Glass Spare

Something about this just worked with me. Completely. And well, Steampunk just really works with me. Stories centered around kingdoms with their monarchs more than ready to use their children interest me. And this is just why it somehow worked. And well, Wilhelmina is the main character. For once I liked her(although there is only… Continue reading The Glass Spare

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Jane Eyre: Manga Classics

Well, after the previous manga which proved to be a surprise, I'm back again with another manga classics. Jane Eyre here I believed was adapted decently, Jane is portrayed as plain and I agree to her portrayal. It is very very plain. And difficult to see that she is in any way beautiful. Pleasant yes,… Continue reading Jane Eyre: Manga Classics

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The Scarlet Letter

I have to say that this was something that translated so well into manga. It worked the way it did. I enjoyed Hester and her character, that despite all she had went through she still was a decent human being at the end. Despite being labelled as a sinner, she went through life hoping to… Continue reading The Scarlet Letter

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The Girl In The Glass Box

I find this whole idea of a retelling to be much more refreshing. Although not my true favorite, but I liked the whole idea that both characters aren't the most perfect. And Agrippine really got to me, she was used mercilessly by her own father. Who had simply used her to form an alliance and… Continue reading The Girl In The Glass Box

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And this is where I say I don't even know why this exists. The story is all over the place and well, nothing is interesting at all. I want to know more about Arthur or whatever the Arthur in this book is supposed to be. All they talked about was about Saxons, but not doing… Continue reading Pendragon

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Mirror Sword And Shadow Prince

This tale was rather interesting, a look into Japanese folklore by the same author. As well as imagining them as quite different. The story is like a folktale, which at times captured me for the way it was structured, and also written. But sometimes lost me as well. Some of it really eluded me while… Continue reading Mirror Sword And Shadow Prince

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This was a really enjoyable work, at least to me. I found the tale of Maud and her life during her teenaged years fascinating. And at the same time quite sad and even poignant, reflecting upon the helplessness of a girl in those times. Where she has to stay with someone and becomes extremely dependent… Continue reading Maud