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Altair: A Record of Battles

If anything, this had been one interesting ride. The story isn't about fantasy, or anything like that. It is a very realistic story, derailing the records of battle and knowing how to leverage the fact that characters here are mortal and battle doesn't always mean that it is an instant win. The beginning starts off… Continue reading Altair: A Record of Battles

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Fullmetal Alchemist

This was something that refused to let me go even months after I completed the story. The story opened a whole new perspective to the way I did things. In all essence, this was one of the best stories I had the chance to encounter. The story's biggest strength is the balance, the well rounded… Continue reading Fullmetal Alchemist

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The Promised Neverland

Contrary to what many thought I never really got into the series. It got good then it didn't. And after a while I just didn't care about the series enough. It had a unique premise, I'll give it that but it also brought a lot of problems too. At times it just dragged. The story… Continue reading The Promised Neverland

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Kimetsu No Yaiba

If anything, this manga was refreshing and solid. It doesn't break any tropes or add any real depth to them, but it doesn't really rely on them to make a good story. And at its core, the main characters are rather similar to Fullmetal Alchemist. Both Tanjiro and Edward are seeking for ways to turn… Continue reading Kimetsu No Yaiba

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Mob Psycho 100

If anything, this was rather clever and fun at how it managed to include most of the tropes and then differ from them that makes the characters memorable and at the same time familiar. This managed to set a story in a middle and yet doesn't feel that it is incredibly childish or formulaic with… Continue reading Mob Psycho 100

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Akame Ga Kill

If anything, I did like the series. Even if there are really really unavoidable holes that I see in the show. It is a work which functions well as a guilty pleasure and entertaining. But on deeper thought, I realise that there is a lot of things lacking. The show could have done better without… Continue reading Akame Ga Kill

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Vinland Saga

One of the best things about this story is that it gives proper development to all of its characters. Asking questions that I never thought really will have been asked. It takes a look at Viking life and jabs at the very nature of it, having people kill one another, taking revenge or their sons… Continue reading Vinland Saga

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Bungou Stray Dogs

I won't say that this is perfect by any means, it takes quite a while for it to be really addictive. But this is a series that gets better as time passes, with the people who worked on it being able to direct the story in a better direction. There are a lot of characters… Continue reading Bungou Stray Dogs

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Yukoku No Moriarty

There was something about this manga that drew me in. Apart from the fact it is an unusual retelling. And well, it does do the premise justice enough. Although I have to admit that the plot which doesn't have a focus on Sherlock is extremely boring. Sometimes endearing, but mostly forgettable and I tend to… Continue reading Yukoku No Moriarty

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Youjo Senki

If there is anything I want to say about this, it is one with the most unique protagonist. It isn't a story about military, it is about capitalism. As the main character simply wants to work her way to the top and then have an easy life. Regardless of the methods she uses to get… Continue reading Youjo Senki

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What’s Going On In Gintama?

Unlike a lot of thoughts, Gintama hasn't ended just yet. At least in the way I thought it should have to fit the series. Which has passed. But it didn't, instead it took a swerve, and somehow dealt with the lingering issues behind Utsuro in a way that surprised even me. Although the strangest things… Continue reading What’s Going On In Gintama?

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Vanitas No Carte

I enjoyed the manga. Immensely, the creative world of Vanitas no Carte and take on vampires, the mystery which reminds me of Pandora Hearts and keeps me continuously attached to the series. But all the while being quite different. The humor is rather unlike most that I see in anime, but it is there. It… Continue reading Vanitas No Carte

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Why I like Gintama

I began to get myself addicted to Gintama late last year and binged most of it within this year. And well, it's time to reveal all the reasons why I like it. #1 The Characters Run The Show Trust me, for this manga, it is so. Because almost anything can freaking happen. Even an arc… Continue reading Why I like Gintama

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Made In Abyss

No matter how much this seems like an anime meant for children, it really isn't. There are all sorts of dark stuff which happens in the series, some things which has even moved me to tears, or realised how messed up it was, especially in the later episodes. And basically, this is an anime which… Continue reading Made In Abyss

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Sense And Sensibility: Manga Classics

Well, I somewhat enjoyed the adaption. On a level, I could feel emotion towards the main characters and the struggles they go through. I feel that it is rather truthful and even real. I cared for Marianne the most, somehow Elinor was lost on me. I didn't really care much about her. And the way… Continue reading Sense And Sensibility: Manga Classics

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Great Expectations: Manga Classics

I like this very very much. The story is something which I have read before, although it certainly went over my head (I was thirteen at the point of time). And well, I expected something which was incredibly miserable, and it's somewhat there. Such as the way that Estella is portrayed, is incredibly attractive, much… Continue reading Great Expectations: Manga Classics

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Jane Eyre: Manga Classics

Well, after the previous manga which proved to be a surprise, I'm back again with another manga classics. Jane Eyre here I believed was adapted decently, Jane is portrayed as plain and I agree to her portrayal. It is very very plain. And difficult to see that she is in any way beautiful. Pleasant yes,… Continue reading Jane Eyre: Manga Classics

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The Count Of Monte Cristo

Well, the actual story is completely with me. But the reality of the manga is that it is too choppy. I didn't feel the emotions Haydee did about Dante. Or even what the heck was happening. It was just too summarised if you ask me. And well, it was like trying to tell a story… Continue reading The Count Of Monte Cristo

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The Stories Of Edgar Allen Poe

This was rather entertaining. If it wasn't as disjointed as it was. I was hoping for some continuity, but since the author of these poems rarely use the same setting so it feels a little disjointed. But the tales narrated here are quite well done, with the art style truly elaborating all of it. And… Continue reading The Stories Of Edgar Allen Poe

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Les Miserables Manga

This was a surprising adaption. Although I'm not entirely familiar with the story which is why I chose to read it in this form. But I was rather surprised at the scope and disappointed at the lack of closure. I mean, the ending is just hanging there with no real conclusion in my eyes. But… Continue reading Les Miserables Manga