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This was a strange book to be reading at the very least. It was baffling, rambling but about a very dark topic. Except the writing made me want to cringe. Like so many times. It was as though no one bothered to check the content and the work itself doesn't really come across as some… Continue reading More

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The Corset

This was something that would linger in my mind. And the moment I started to read, it simply refused to let me go. I finished the book in one sitting. It is a book about murder, tales and most importantly it is a book about society. How in one end it is so perfect, where… Continue reading The Corset

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Mother Land

The writing was amazingly interesting. That was really all that caught my attention. The narrative to me had moments where it would have had me hooked and other moments where I would just be bored to the point I was simply flipping pages. It was not created equal or really well used. But the writing… Continue reading Mother Land

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The Devil’s Bible

This was pretty entertaining. Although nothing compared to Bohemian Gospel it was still very likeable and I enjoyed the story quite a bit as well. It goes to the modern world where Mouse is on the run from her father. The story is competent. Incredibly do. It handles all the moments well, and gives Mouse… Continue reading The Devil’s Bible

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The Last Mrs Parish

I really enjoyed this far more than anything else. A story about two women. One who wants to climb her way to the top no matter how she gets there, the other the perfect wife who seems to be unaware. Or is she? This story takes these perspectives and makes them entertaining. Especially Daphne's twist… Continue reading The Last Mrs Parish

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Terrible Virtue

If anything, this was something that brought me back from a reading slump. A book about the woman who spearheaded the Birth Control Movement. The idea of planned parenthood. I liked the way that her story was narrated. Unconventional, it worked even as at certain times I found it rather strange to be there. But… Continue reading Terrible Virtue

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The Family Tabor

If anything, I was hoping for more. But the story began and ended in a way that was interesting. And of all the characters I liked a lot of them. One of the things that simply kept me wanting more had been the more intricate relationship between each characters. Such as Phoebe and her sister.… Continue reading The Family Tabor

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The Masterpiece

By all means this was far better than her previous. Set in the late roaring twenties and the early depression and the 1970s, this was a book which talked a lot about art. But mostly about what it is like to be a woman during that time. Clara is the shining example of the story.… Continue reading The Masterpiece

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For a book which breaks the fourth wall it has no idea how to really do it well and give more depth to their character. Even when the author is inside the book, it was incredibly difficult to understand what was the point of the story and where it was trying to go. For most… Continue reading Literally

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The Romanov Empress

This was a story of a woman who tried her best to save the monarchy of Russia. Even if it will not be successful. If anything, she was a brave woman. Beginning from the time she was a princess, and slowly to becoming a Russian Dowager Empress. The change as she grows is astounding, wise… Continue reading The Romanov Empress

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The Weight Of Feathers

This just didn't catch me at the very least. The story felt as though it had no weight even as the title suggested that. The characters were just really really empty. The writing was incredibly nice even if all else seemed to have headed nowhere. The plot could have been better to be more prominent… Continue reading The Weight Of Feathers

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I really liked the story of Marlene. Once again, this was a story of a real woman. A woman who lived her life the way she wanted it to be lived. As herself and no one else. In a way that made me feel for her as well. That her road was not easy, paved… Continue reading Marlene

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Bohemian Gospel

This was something that I liked incredibly much. Even as the last chapters had me mostly wondering what happened and whether there was time skip. But the story opens in a way that is unforgettable and even later never loses sight of who Mouse is as a character. And for all that she is, she… Continue reading Bohemian Gospel

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The Map Of Salt And Stars

This is a work which I enjoyed as much as I was baffled by how certain things went. At the same time I liked the atmosphere and the setting. But the story is split into two, one about Rawiya and her travels. The things that made her life, when she made her way to Sicily… Continue reading The Map Of Salt And Stars

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I just couldn't wrap my head around anything that is happening in this story. I did like Marya in how she handled many many things. And the story always seemed to know where it was going, a cautionary tale which warned Marya at the beginning. And when she betrays it something happens, that changes her… Continue reading Deathless

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Tess Of The Road

I was just disappointed in it, given how it was by an author that was critically acclaimed. The story was just incredibly slow, though it did have its moments but took a long time just to get anywhere. And afterwards it just didn't seem to know how to handle the story. So that it will… Continue reading Tess Of The Road

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The Vatican Princess

This was one of the most difficult emotional journeys I have read. For a girl like Lucrezia to know that those closest to her are the very ones she could not trust. That they used her to their own gain, and left her to reap the consequences. That they thought her an object, a pawn… Continue reading The Vatican Princess

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The Queen’s Vow

For a story being about such a controversial Queen, this done her justice. The best moments were the middle of the novel before she was crowned and when she was fighting for her throne. And all the issues she dealt with such as her husband's infidelity, and hinting that eventually he might do his own… Continue reading The Queen’s Vow

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The Last Queen

If anything, this was the story of a Queen who simply had too many tragedies happen to her. And at the same time, it is a story where a woman must discern what was right and what is wrong. Everyone around her wishes to use her to accomplish something. Or seem like it. Her mother,… Continue reading The Last Queen

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World Without End

I feel that this is the strongest entry in the series. Unlike Pillars of the Earth, where it was at times dragging here I feel that the world came alive, and I cared for almost every character here. Regardless of who they were. And it all begins when a boy becomes a carpenter's apprentice. Merthin… Continue reading World Without End