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The Gilded Wolves

I was sorely bored. I guess I wanted to be swept up into a book of strong characters, schemes, in which this book was supposed to prove that. It doesn't. The execution of the story was bloody terrible. From the beginning to the end I still don't care and don't know any of this people.… Continue reading The Gilded Wolves

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The Watchmaker of Filigree Street

I was bored with the story. It just didn't help me and the more I tried. The more it just didn't seem to have anything that fitted. Even as it touched a little on Japan, although I'm particularly baffled about how it comes together. And the writing for most part was bland and unmemorable. And… Continue reading The Watchmaker of Filigree Street

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The Sisters Of The Winter Wood

This work had caught me off guard and made me feel a wife variety of emotions as I read through it. And it blends poetry and prose altogether. And ensuring that each sister has a distinct viewpoint. And it works fantastically to make a different piece of work. All the while the setting is rich.… Continue reading The Sisters Of The Winter Wood

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The Dark Days Deceit

I was bored to death by the amount of details in the book. The anticipation was not there, for the most part the book had no idea just where it was heading and what it was trying to do. I like the series. It was fascinating, the world building was often exceptional. But here, all… Continue reading The Dark Days Deceit

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Under The Pendulum Sun

This was a lot darker than my expectations. It was a delightful read from the beginning to the end, and something someone really needs if they're looking for a book which touched a lot on faith. I would say that I'm familiar with Renaissance and that in the recent months where I read book after… Continue reading Under The Pendulum Sun

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Spinning Silver

This was a wholly much better work. But I feel that it just lost the steam as it got to the end. The beginning opens with a girl who collects money because her father won't. And that is how she will survive. She also happens to be a Jew and I incredibly like the contrast… Continue reading Spinning Silver

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I just couldn't wrap my head around anything that is happening in this story. I did like Marya in how she handled many many things. And the story always seemed to know where it was going, a cautionary tale which warned Marya at the beginning. And when she betrays it something happens, that changes her… Continue reading Deathless

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Ink, Iron And Glass

I was pretty much disappointed in how the story was handled. The story is set in an interesting setting the Italian states before any house had unified it into one. The magic was largely very very vague about what it was. Throughout the entire story I had no idea what the world was like at… Continue reading Ink, Iron And Glass

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What makes Kuroshitsuji enticing?

Although many say that it is a series which has lost its focus with recent arcs, which I won't rebuke because it is the truth. The story didn't develop nearly as much after the Campaigna, especially in the blue sect arc. But I'm here to talk about just what made Black Butler so incredibly addictive,… Continue reading What makes Kuroshitsuji enticing?

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From Unseen Fire

This was something which really caught my attention. It took time, but all the characters were fleshed out with it. And focusing on a central cast. Something that I felt was extraneous by this point had been the Iberian side. Which was anything except interesting. But when it came to Aven, on Latona and Septimius,… Continue reading From Unseen Fire

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A Skinful Of Shadows

If anything, this surprised me as I began to turn the pages. The main character was someone with reason, someone with much thing going for her, and this is a tale about a girl finding her own brother. As much as it is escaping from danger, and a horrible environment. And yet, such a simple… Continue reading A Skinful Of Shadows

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The Midnight Front

All I had managed to do was not sleep in the book. I didn't really enjoy it, neither did I hate it to the very core. Yes, I don't really think any of it really intrigued me. The magic system did appear to try to be unique, but again it didn't make itself feel fresh.… Continue reading The Midnight Front

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The Memory Eaters

A quest about a man seeking his past. I did expect it to have been more epic an adventure, more interesting a situation. And much more fascinating a moment. It was none of that. I have to admit, it was a journey meant to be undertaken. But I didn't feel that it was a journey.… Continue reading The Memory Eaters

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These Vengeful Souls

Well, overall I did think that it was a solid final book. Although there was a whole lot less of enjoyment here. I meant it. The story behind with Evelyn and against Captain Goode. Who is one of the least charmistic villains since he barely makes an appearance, which unfortunately will have at least made… Continue reading These Vengeful Souls

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Originally I thought this was a story about Daisy, and from the beginning she seemed like an interesting character and the story seemed to be going somewhere. Until it didn't. I don't understand what Daisy was doing to say the least, and neither did I know what she was doing there. She just didn't feel… Continue reading Moonshine

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Guns Of The Dawn

This could have been so much better. The setting was intriguing but that was about it. I had a huge set of problems connecting with the main character, and the plot seemed far too slow and much too subtle for my liking. It is in the middle of a war, and they are recruiting girls… Continue reading Guns Of The Dawn

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Vanitas No Carte

I enjoyed the manga. Immensely, the creative world of Vanitas no Carte and take on vampires, the mystery which reminds me of Pandora Hearts and keeps me continuously attached to the series. But all the while being quite different. The humor is rather unlike most that I see in anime, but it is there. It… Continue reading Vanitas No Carte

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Well, it was disappointing in a different way. It was enticing, and entranced me into the story. The clairvoyant connecting with spirits were so well done, clear and lucid. They are people even if they lack bodies, but they still have a soul which exists. And it does play a role here. It was just… Continue reading Brimstone

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The Queen Of All Crows

I found this quite enjoyable to a degree. Such as the way that the relationship between Elizabeth and Julia is the one which is the most important. And the secrets behind their choices. But something really lacked, such as the fact that almost no answers were even provided. Even till the end, as to why… Continue reading The Queen Of All Crows

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Lost Crow Conspiracy

And this is where I say, I simply don't care enough about the series. Anna isn't a particularly good character, and neither does the plot continue to prove to me that the series is worth reading. I am intrigue by the Luminae, and the whole idea behind them. The spirits that were used to bind… Continue reading Lost Crow Conspiracy