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That Inevitable Victorian Thing

If anything, this just didn't catch my attention. The story seemed to be heading nowhere for most of the book. And I really didn't find anything interesting. It begins with an interesting premise. What if Victoria chosen to pass it to her daughter who would become Victoria II as compared to her son Albert. And… Continue reading That Inevitable Victorian Thing

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What if Anne Frank survived? This book answers the question to an extent. I found the beginning of this book to be slow, I almost dropped it then. But by the middle, where Anne was angry, resentful and mostly a girl not knowing what to do. She is still a girl who has been through… Continue reading Annelies

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Batman: Nightwalker

The one thing that bothered me the most about the story here had been how unbelievable it was. It turns out Bruce Wayne had to do community service in an asylum. I'm pretty sure that majority of all teenagers do not get assigned that. As most of them will be helping at orphanages or hospices… Continue reading Batman: Nightwalker

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Smoke And Iron

This was difficult to buy into. The story starts to branch out but I feel that it is not well thought out. None of the perspectives adds anything to resolve the issue, or even getting them anywhere in the rebellion against the Great Library. Most of it is just then being in captivity and their… Continue reading Smoke And Iron

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The Boleyn King

If anything, this was not a good book on having Anne Boleyn survive. There are many many alternate histories surrounding her and a possible son. And this doesn't really do her justice, or even Elizabeth for that matter. Who by all means should have been somewhat smarter than the dull princess I saw here. She… Continue reading The Boleyn King

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Tarnished City

Well, suddenly the book lost what made it good. The story was heading nowhere for most part, and really really convoluted by this point. It was reading a confusing mess with no idea where it was going for most part. And all the characters were all plain and not really all that outstanding. For most… Continue reading Tarnished City

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From Unseen Fire

This was something which really caught my attention. It took time, but all the characters were fleshed out with it. And focusing on a central cast. Something that I felt was extraneous by this point had been the Iberian side. Which was anything except interesting. But when it came to Aven, on Latona and Septimius,… Continue reading From Unseen Fire

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Blood For Blood

This book grabbed me from the moment it began. Everything fell into place, and by the end I was never more surprised nor satisfied. Exploiting the biggest weakness of Germany at that point was that all power was concentrated on just one man. Just one man was holding the power, and if he dies the… Continue reading Blood For Blood

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Smoke In The Sun

For a series pitched as feminist, it surprisingly isn't. It also fails to be a Japanese historical fantasy. In many many ways as well. Most of the Shoguns sometimes didn't have power, same about the Emperor. If this actually tried to explore the situation as it was, which will have been fun to read. But… Continue reading Smoke In The Sun

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Bright We Burn

Satisfying, every bit of the word. As all things must come to an end, I can't deny that this was one of the best ones to end the trilogy. Everything comes full circle. What does Lada feel about Radu, Mehmed, what ends will she go to achieve them. Regardless of what it is, I always… Continue reading Bright We Burn

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The Memory Eaters

A quest about a man seeking his past. I did expect it to have been more epic an adventure, more interesting a situation. And much more fascinating a moment. It was none of that. I have to admit, it was a journey meant to be undertaken. But I didn't feel that it was a journey.… Continue reading The Memory Eaters

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Why I like Gintama

I began to get myself addicted to Gintama late last year and binged most of it within this year. And well, it's time to reveal all the reasons why I like it. #1 The Characters Run The Show Trust me, for this manga, it is so. Because almost anything can freaking happen. Even an arc… Continue reading Why I like Gintama

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Wolf By Wolf

Well, this is a premise which does fascinate and intrigue. I don't doubt it, since we all heard of Hitler, and his atrocities during World War II. And this explores what will have happened if it was true. And well, it didn't disappoint. The entire setting managed to capture the horror that will have occurred… Continue reading Wolf By Wolf

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The Golden Compass 

Again, I just couldn't care about any of the characters at all. Like really don't care about any of them at all. I found Lyra interesting but I lost interest in much of the book as it was.  Something about the characters just never clicked with me, I found it hard to understand Lyra and… Continue reading The Golden Compass 

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Toru: Wayfarer Returns

Now to me, this was what I hoped to read about and it's representation. Setting it in the Edo era as an alternate history, during the times when Japan is indeed struggling to modernize itself or keep to their ideals. And I do really like how it handles female characters here. Masuyo is just more… Continue reading Toru: Wayfarer Returns

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My Lady Jane

This was the right sort of hilarious, it made me laugh within fifty pages of the book and the rest of the time giggling to myself(like a bit of a lunatic, can't help myself since I also talk a lot to myself). I guess a book that doesn't take itself too seriously is right up… Continue reading My Lady Jane

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False Lights

I really really like the way that it was imagined, yet I still feel as though this book was just so utterly forgettable in the way that it made its characters and the way the plot was structured and also the writing. It just wasn't for me. I really couldn't connect with any of the… Continue reading False Lights

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Now I Rise 

This was worth every cent that I spent on it. I bought this book, becoming way too anxious to try and reserve it instead. And this was totally worth it, worth all the money. And like the first book, except that everything gets darker, murkier and even more brutal.  While the first book was Lada's… Continue reading Now I Rise 

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Gilded Cage 

This had been one book that had everything I needed. A little on romance, a lot of intrigue, and a lot on the possibility of those with magic ruling over them. All the while exploring a horrible yet not completely terrible situation for humans without any powers.  I would say that the slaves here have… Continue reading Gilded Cage 

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The Glass Sentence 

I would say that the drawing point of this book lies in its premise and worldbuliding. The way the Great Disruption affected the world, had been fascinating to read since it threw the entire world into completely different ages and possibly different times.  Also, all the while introducing many points about the side effects of… Continue reading The Glass Sentence