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Jade City

Well, I just wasn't drawn into it. There was something about this work that just didn't manage to get my attention and draw me into it. The world was confusing, I had no idea what was going on. And the beginning was... interesting. In a good and bad way. The good way is that it… Continue reading Jade City

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The Poisoned Pilgrim

If there was anything which I really liked about this was the clear establishment of its characters. The story is rather quiet and simple. About the hangman and his daughter. And also his extended family. And that they were now on a pilgrimage elsewhere. It was entertaining as the story was rather personal about where… Continue reading The Poisoned Pilgrim

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For a story that talks about kingdoms, there is surprisingly little of it. And again, the main issue here is the characters having no distinction at all. Rielle was still okay, I understood her motivations and why she wanted what she did. But little else was expanded, her back story was empty and for a… Continue reading Furyborn

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Final Resting Place

This was just uninspiring as a whole. I didn't know where it was heading for most of the part and it seemed to lack any clear direction as well. The story was largely difficult for me to really understand what was going on. Despite the fact that it was about America and a famous president… Continue reading Final Resting Place

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If anything I was enthralled by the story. The writing came alive, as much as Alma did. The various things that defined her and where she will go on next. The climax being a triumph, the ability for her to learn to compose again. The feeling that she was back to being who she was… Continue reading Ecstasy

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From Unseen Fire

This was something which really caught my attention. It took time, but all the characters were fleshed out with it. And focusing on a central cast. Something that I felt was extraneous by this point had been the Iberian side. Which was anything except interesting. But when it came to Aven, on Latona and Septimius,… Continue reading From Unseen Fire

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Red Clocks

I was more confused than anything else. The writing often tried to make it look vague, while never going deep into what each character is thinking. Despite the fact that it's tackling one of the most debated topics in the world. Should women have rights over the child, or should they be reduced to having… Continue reading Red Clocks

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A Guide For The Perplexed

Well, this wasn't the thing I was expecting. The newest work of the author had been far better when compared to this, at least in my opinion.It was a story of kidnapping, although I felt that Judith could have been far better explored. As well as the other characters such as the man from the… Continue reading A Guide For The Perplexed

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Song Of A Captive Bird

This was a beautiful piece of writing, in the way the story was developed, created, and written. A woman who led a different life from most of Iranian girls. And the fact that she will eventually go to surprise almost everyone who meets her. For she became the poetess who defied the norms, went against… Continue reading Song Of A Captive Bird

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Sold On A Monday

This was just disappointing. At some point in time, I wanted to like the characters. But it just felt so added about the whole idea of being sold. It wasn't the main focus, about finding the children, the impact or anything. It just took way too long for them to even say they were sold,… Continue reading Sold On A Monday

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The Babylon Rite

Well, nothing kept me awake unlike some of the better thrillers that I have read. Or even mysteries which kept me guessing. This didn't have any character which was the grounding character, with all of them being rather flat at best. And some mysterious murders occur, which are quite graphic, but somehow don't give the… Continue reading The Babylon Rite

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The Woodcutter

I just couldn't get into the story. Not at all, something just made it incredibly difficult for me to continue the story. As well as the fact that the characters were all a little too bland. The plot to my feeling was a little too slow, and didn't have anything that added a lot of… Continue reading The Woodcutter

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The Rules Of Magic

It just didn't make sense after a certain point. It failed to make me invested when it really could have. It was pretty disappointing if you ask me. Seeing as how the entire setting is a family with magic and a curse. Which should have drawn me in. And hooked me. But it never did,… Continue reading The Rules Of Magic

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Thr Queens Of Innis Lear

If anything, I was surprised by this book. Perhaps it was the writing or perhaps it was the fact that it had one central character, and the story began quickly, with actual things happening that made me enjoy it, despite the fact that most epic fantasies I read end up being no more than 3… Continue reading Thr Queens Of Innis Lear

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The Winter Station

I didn't really enjoy or even get the entire story. At times, it is intriguing. But most of it was not really catching my attention. Maybe it's because all my earlier reads happened to be impressive, unique that it lead this to be quite a letdown. In some cases, I didn't think that it hit… Continue reading The Winter Station

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The 71/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

If there was anything that really screwed with my mind, in a way that I barely knew what was going on, yet I still savoured every word, this is it. It is told from seven different perspectives, but not once did I find it boring, each one holds an important key, and really twists it… Continue reading The 71/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

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The Corsican Woman

I enjoyed the story for what it was. A rather tragic tale, beginning with Sybilla forced into a marriage, her eventually learning to adapt and change, a chance for something new and have it taken away from her. I felt for her, the beginning showed how much she didn't have. She could only learn to… Continue reading The Corsican Woman

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Eternal Life

This was one strange book. It takes the concept of Eternal Life, and how it is granted, what are its terms. But makes a good story out of it. Although I found the ending a little too abrupt, and perhaps I think that there was some needed closure between her and Elazar. But I still… Continue reading Eternal Life

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Dodging And Burning

I just couldn't understand anything that was happening in this book. A lot of it passed quickly, and I didn't really form any connection to what was happening. The plot is not even made quite clear, as to what they are looking at. And takes far too long to actually make me care about it.… Continue reading Dodging And Burning

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Well, although I was greatly entertained by this novel and the slow reasons behind it. Such as the life of Hild who is rarely mentioned and can be left up to debate. And she was someone which I did like on many levels, but never really understood. Hild feels too saintly and not human enough… Continue reading Hild