Setting up your website on a budget

There will be two posts regarding this, that and a lot of extra details and add-ons, things which you think will be easier but it happens to be pretty much a no.

But here is the first. Imagine that you don’t have a lot of cash, and you want a website. There are free options but really limited in terms of them. It is very good if you wish to just use it for exposure, but please note that there are a lot of limits although I won’t cover all of them in this post.

And here are some of them.

Some things which are standard across all, they allow you to control what you post, and also somewhat change the look and feel of your sites, moderate comments, image support. Video support would really be a lot more complicated and dependent on each platform.

But these are generally things they all provide.

#1 WordPress.com

This is where a lot of people may start. Or the other. WordPress Blogs are free but you’ll need to have quite a lot of things when you need them. It’s rather easy to do so, as well being clear.

For a free website you get around 3GB worth of space, and also having it be a part of WordPress. To really own the domain, you need to buy it and that would be standard across all of them.

There are a lot of choices. With the offerings being that you get a site and is allowed to do as you wish. However you have to really keep yourself up to date and it’s also a freenium model.

But this is largely different from WordPress.org which is mostly paid since that will require you to buy your own site. But security is automatic, and everything will be done for you.

#2 Wix

Another which is heavily popular with a free plan. It comes with around 500 MB of storage. It is around the same as WordPress and a mobile viewing. With the option of say making bookings and inviting them.

Although the mobile app has let me think that it also expanded to communities and also businesses with the opportunity to offer services and also invite contacts to join.

#3 Blogger

An option on the table, which has been around. The storage is around 1GB, with the possibility of earning without much help. Provided you’re above 18 that is and know about Adsense. I never really got heavy into using it because of age and also a lack of platform.

There is a lot of options and you can have up to 100 blogs per account and it has quite a few templates. But the biggest pro is still the ability to earn without owning the site.

#4 Tumblr

Tumblr is microblogging and a site which I have used before. It is relatively easy, with comments, likes, and reblogs as well as ways to ask and send questions. It doesn’t give you the option to customize but makes things rather easy for you to use if needed. And has a rather unique set of features.

Since the bloggers can also answer questions that arrive in their inbox. Although I was mostly in the anime community during that time.

Most of them have largely rather solid offerings if you’re starting out but you won’t really be able to customize much.

And this covers mostly what I know is free, there is still a lot more of them, whether they are obscure or otherwise.

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