Do you need to code for your websites?

Honestly no, but it depends. Although with the rise of popular and also reliable website builders it has become a lot easier for websites to be created without a single line of code.

Even as a programmer, and having done two to three websites, I can still safely say that it is true that I have not really coded a single line for any of these websites. Especially if it costs money.

You can do that if you wish to customize, or you’re bootstrapping, but there is a lot to keep in mind. But if you’re using the rather general tools such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly then I would really disagree. Although a great one if you want something a little more custom is WordPress but more to that l ater.

And honestly for me it’s a lot more confusing to do so as if you do code there is also a whole new set of tools and things you need to consider before beginning. That and also a lot a lot of time.

There are many languages, frameworks which you can use to code websites, although most of them are from the basis of JavaScript, but please note the JS which goes along with HTML aren’t good for developing websites, which is when you need to look at frameworks and the different subsets which can help you in this. But that’s for a whole other time.

If I were to use personal experiences for a fully functional website, which is what I’m doing right now. It takes around three months for two people, and that’s relatively simple. Such as comments, blogs, posts, login, profiles. And that is our large scale semester projects.

Although an author website would not really be nearly as complicated but without much experience doing it, and if you really want to do something really fancy, visual or dynamic which would also really eat away at your time and patience. As well as sanity.

After a year I finally joined a programming course if there was anything that I learned it was that websites are best served simple. Not just for visual purposes but also for technical purposes.

In its own way, doing your website entirely on your own is also very much like writing.

It is slowly working your way through without much help and a lot of trial and error. And if you really abhor coding I really advise you to just use a website builder. Coding doesn’t really require math per say, but rather logic. A lot of logic and ability to work with the quirks of an existing language.

A website builder will cut your time down by quite a lot.

Personal comparison is that it took only a couple hours to set things up and an hour or two every couple of months to really maintain things.

While actually coding would take me around three to four hours worth of work for around twelve weeks and then basically two weeks worth of full time work just for a website started from scratch.

And that’s for a project which I would unlikely touch once I’m done with it. Not even the maintenance and also updates and bug fixes, which is the case for all technology. Where many apps simply go through change after change, and a lot of fixes for their layouts, or to fix an already existing problem.

Hiring someone to create something from scratch would also be a lot harder than if you were to use existing platforms, so there is also that.

So coding your own websites may not be really feasible even when you have no money, although I’ll be giving you tips on that in my next post.

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