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After nearly three months of hiatus I have decided to try something new on this blog. I won’t really be book blogging anymore but I’ll be giving a little bit of help when it comes to websites.

After being in a IT student for over a year and experimenting with blogs twice afterwards. I have gotten quite a bit of experience working with websites. And testing then it for my own personal purposes well, I’m back with something new.

And you see the title of my post, you can kind of know what I’m doing here.

Creating a website can be a rather daunting, especially when it’s recommended by many. Even as you have little to no understanding of it. And if you’re also on a budget.

So allow me to really clarify what it is.

A website for a writer can be diverse but should primarily be listing your, your contact information, your biography and also your books. This is the basic things that has to be there.

It is a way for people to find who you are, what you write, and as such it should very much reflect who you are and your particular voice. It also can be a lot more than that, but that’s for another time. And a good choice is to always use the name you’re going to write in.

Otherwise, if it is in a niche and focusing either on book reviews, writing advice then you should change them to suit you if you prefer.

A good solution to this is also a biography of who you are, and what you’re doing.

That and there is a rather popular book blogger who already has two works published.

Having it online also gives you quite a bit of time to build a platform. Well before you’re ready, and these days having a platform and audience to go to is much more important. Even traditionally published authors are expected to do their own marketing and promotion.

And an added bonus is that it keeps you going helps you find friends as you continue to write, as well as encouragement during the difficult days. Which can really be beneficial.

Although one final benefit is that the website especially if you own the domain personally, is that no one can really take it away from you. That’s also why businesses buy their own websites, since social media at the end of the day is owned by someone else.

So, to say that it is too early is a little wrong, as even then you can probably find quite a lot to do as you write, edit and polish your work or before publishing.

And you also realized that I have only really covered the basics and clarified what it’s for. But those are enough to really have their own posts.

3 thoughts on “A Writer’s Website

  1. Social media, blogging, and maintain a website are all just headaches for me. I didn’t intend to be doing this when I started. But as you say, even traditionally published authors are expected to do it these days.

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    1. Yes, although I find myself starting to enjoy it to a degree and helps to keep me going without feeling as though I’m still nowhere. And then slowly getting somewhere one day at a time.

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