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This work is the sort of work which does everything well, but I wished it could be more.

The story begins with a young mother, who has her own secrets with her situation being defining of what sort of world she lives in. In a loveless marriage, without any real way out.

It got me to really like her character and understand that this was not a forgiving world. It also affected the other narrator severely, and made this a strong beginning.

But I felt that it trailed on nowhere for too long. The whole deal about Willow and her finding answers stupid have been earlier. Since it seemed to not really be going anywhere for a while before picking up.

And having me keep reading. And it quietly pulls the rug from me, with the world she lives in taking a darker turn. But one which was obvious given the fact that many were forcefully matched, and could be said to result in all sorts of terrible, cynical, or strange matches. And if you’re cheating, and boast of it, goodbye to you.

But I never manage to get any more than that. What do they want with Willow? I definitely would have liked some answers which I did not have.

The two narrators are brought together in a way that feels reasonable if a little convenient.

Overall, I really liked the work. A strong beginning and satisfies everything, and leaves me with a clear idea of where to go. The main character is likeable and determined, even as I would have liked her motives to be shown, and her distress as a mother losing her daughter.

And that the plot threads could have been a little better. Other than that, a solid work.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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