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The Gilded Wolves

I was sorely bored. I guess I wanted to be swept up into a book of strong characters, schemes, in which this book was supposed to prove that.

It doesn’t.

The execution of the story was bloody terrible. From the beginning to the end I still don’t care and don’t know any of this people. Why do they do this?

I don’t know. Other than perhaps about some guy’s parents. And the rest of them just felt tacked on rather than anything.

Having short POVs with each character to me is the most pointless way to get to anything if it’s not done well. Simply because I barely have enough time to even know everyone. I don’t know how their relationship is, and what they bring to the table can be replaced by a distant POV without any changes.

And in this scenario, created the sort of work where I was disconnected from everyone but knew their names. And of course their ethnicities, given the fact the names highlighted it enough.

And made me wonder whether this was a book meant to stuff as much diversity as it was possible, but making no attempt to incorporate any of that.

The book’s clues is mostly about Egyptian, Babylonian mythology, Chinese thrown in there for good measure. And showed just how poorly thought out the world and the characters actually were. The only thing that fit was Mathematics.

And when someone puts together a team of heists. Their first choice is to find a dancer/cook and his brother. The only two which made some sense was the scientist a historian. What happened to someone who can make anyone talk, or someone with medical knowledge. As the book includes the main characters getting poisoned.

And of course, the whole disability and sexuality thing. Six of Crows worked because it knew how to blend it and make it still believable. It knew how to make likeable characters. This was really just selling these ideas in characters, not making them believable characters who just happen to have these traits.

Overall, I was really disappointed in the series simply because it has potential. It was setting something that was intriguing, and I genuinely wanted to see where it could go. Sadly, it fell short of it.

Rating: 1 out of 5

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