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The Paragon Hotel

The story had a distinctive style to it. Especially in its setting, but the plot and characters were rather lackluster. At least in my opinion.

The story starts off with a style that takes a while to get into. And there seems to be a direction. Except that I don’t really feel it anyway.

The plot wasn’t really prominent, and the dialogue was so stylized that it really hampered my ability to like it. Along with some pacing issues where the narrator lacked the charm of Jane Steele.

She is complicated but how her story is conveyed and defined, is still not the best way as I couldn’t relate or understand her. Nothing quite like Jane Steele which had me turning the pages from the first page.

The side characters here, I really wished they were a little more established. Which I think was already present in Jane Steele, just that it had a good narrator to override this problem. And one with a compelling story behind her.

Something that can’t really be said for this, where it just didn’t have that charm. And that character who was at the center. And her background was less than thrilling.

The writing was good, just that I feel that it just didn’t know how to focus on the right elements. And really have the story come together. I didn’t know what was really going on, and this wasn’t really exploring Alice either. It doesn’t seem to go deep into the issues I feel it wants to touch.

Overall somewhat underwhelming.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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