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Jade City

Well, I just wasn’t drawn into it. There was something about this work that just didn’t manage to get my attention and draw me into it.

The world was confusing, I had no idea what was going on. And the beginning was… interesting. In a good and bad way. The good way is that it just kept me reading, the bad way was that there is absolutely no explanation, and no defining character.

It is between two rival clans. But do I care? Not really. Who is the main character here? I don’t know? What are the stakes? I also don’t know.

The writing was fine, even if for me it went too far in the details of world building. It’s an interesting fact which draws me away from the story, rather than into it.

It doesn’t really immerse me into the world, I spent half the book having almost no idea what is it about and the next half as though I’m watching a movie in another language with no subtitles.

It doesn’t make the details easy to digest, or give me an idea as to what was going on. And the cast of characters, which was huge but had no person who was defined by who they were. I would have liked a few chapters with someone, instead of this jumping all over the place.

And in all cases, this would have been a far better movie than a book. The world is interesting, but on paper it just doesn’t translate so well.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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