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The Lost Queen

Well, I was fascinated to know where the story could have went. I really was. I wanted to be drawn into the world of early medieval Britain.

This didn’t work. It has some decisions, but in most cases the main character does absolutely nothing. She simply sits around with her brother, and there is no hard decisions to be made or even any progression.

I would have liked her to be a little reckless, to see the extent of the ability she could do. To see her go between the woman all expects of her and what she wants to be.

It was just never delved into. Was Languoreth unsatisfied, did she want more or did she not? I couldn’t even tell from several hundred pages into the book.

The details are lush, but beneath the lush and beautiful landscape there just isn’t anything worth mentioning or even a plot. Despite the huge instability that dominated early Britain. The same that could said for the rest of Europe. Where they would spend the next few centuries conquering each other until one could finally dominate the world.

It just isn’t there. The political intrigue here is basically nonexistent. And romance, it is again laughable. As for fantasy, it isn’t. It is historical fiction.

And in a story such as this, where you have a female character. Except that there is no plot, and it’s just a bunch of random scenes thrown together with great detail of the world which I barely know of.

Overall, the story doesn’t exist. Honestly, I read hundreds of pages and I still have no idea what is it trying to do.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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