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Hazards of Time Travel

I am honestly really really bored by the story. What is there to read? Something going horribly wrong? The idea of time travel being flawed.

None of that is actually answered here. When the story literally jumps around with absolutely no idea on what it’s doing at the end of the day.

Who is the main character? What is the point of her existence? No answer, no questions. I was really disappointed with how this was handled. Especially in how the story was barely a story.

There just wasn’t another way to go around it. I was reading something that was looping back and forth, without making any sense whatsoever.

And where was the plot. At 100 pages, I was simply wondering where was it heading. And what was the point of these terms which don’t make sense, or even has an explanation.

In all efforts, just thrown at me, with no clear plot and no motivation for the main character.

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