2 stars · Alternate History · Books · Reviews · Young Adult

That Inevitable Victorian Thing

If anything, this just didn’t catch my attention. The story seemed to be heading nowhere for most of the book. And I really didn’t find anything interesting.

It begins with an interesting premise. What if Victoria chosen to pass it to her daughter who would become Victoria II as compared to her son Albert. And her ambitions were different.

That caught my attention alone. It just did, and even as nothing else really managed to satisfy me. Even as Victoria-Margaret doesn’t feel like a princess.

She doesn’t seem to even do anything. And the same could be said for all else. What does Helena do? I don’t know. It makes for a dry, and aimless read.

The characters were there, but mostly because none of them seemed to be doing anything for any reason. They were simply floating around and lingering on without making any decisions.

If anything, this would have been more interesting if it had focused on the changes in Victoria and her choices. As it doesn’t explore any of the possibilities in the far future and and the world building is negligible.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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