Advantages of an average student

Being an average student has had more things for me than otherwise. I always managed to find time for myself and managing to do things that were simply impossible for people who were always studying to keep themselves ahead.

I learned to write by simply having the time to spend on my hand phone. I loved music when I began to go back to anime and watcthing anime songs and listening to piano versions of them. I liked it because I was not forced to like it. But because I appreciated something for something very specific for them.

I enjoyed it because I didn’t need to force myself too. And when I went to tertiary, I had a better idea of what suited me than most people and entered a course where I didn’t dislike. I had my own doubts but I enjoyed the course material and I enjoyed whatever that was taught to me.

And so, I’m here to advocate the advantages of being just a normal student. And looking on the bright side of not being the best. And of course making the best of not getting straights As.

#1 You have time to think of your future

This to me was important as I have a good idea what I want to do in the future and how I want to get there. There isn’t a moment where I wonder what is the point of loathe what I’m learning.

I have disliked it, I have my own doubts. But then I do it because I remember why I am choosing this path. And realize just what it means to me.

There is unpleasant sides to each vocation. No one is ever a perfect fit for anyone. It is just a matter of how willing you are willing to simply go with the flow.

In my own vocation, I had regretted sometime before because of how much I didn’t enjoy certain parts of it. And that was from the school.

IT in my country has become a hot career. It also attracts many who simply do it because it is a good vocation. Because it has a future instead of asking themselves what it means to be there. And what it means to code and to learn.

I appreciate IT because of the options, the ways it can be done. I want to see how it can change the world and how code will push us forward as people. And that I had many ideas and I realize that the best way to pursue them is not to try and become a businessman but to try and solve it head on.

It’s my choice and I’m rather aware of the many drawbacks that I put myself at. But there is nothing that truly works all the time. There is only seeing what will make it an easier path, and how willing you are to put up with something if it gets you ahead.

And that for me was realized through a ton of time to myself and reflecting the state of life.

#2 There is time to think of yourself

Having yourself take a break is a good thing. I do it because it gives me time to be away. And as they say, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Having time to unwind and relax is more than enough to really have me think what fits me the most. What works for me the best. And also to understand just what I prefer.

Most importantly, is to make some friends, form good relationships with them and family. Which brings me to my next point.

#3 Having a support system is important

If you’re not a straight A student there will be times where you feel inadequate. When you feel that you don’t measure up. Or times where you simply get consumed by the turmoil of results and balancing life. I’m talking about majority of the people here, not those who can do this balancing act well and still get outstanding grades on top.

That is where having friends where you can laugh it out is so important. Nowadays I like going to school because of friends who will help me and support me when the time comes. That I have people whom I can trust to bring me up when I need it. To cheer me up and encourage me.

Having people who you can trust and lean upon is important. I know friends who simply didn’t go to school because they didn’t feel like it. Because they had been isolated from others.

This was remedied by the fact that I could talk to many people about my issues. I could rant out my emotions to someone who will listen. I could often talk about my struggles with others and be met with sympathy and understanding. This is priceless.

And it is always healthier than trying to get better grades by throwing yourself into studies and simply not doing anything else(that is for another time).

What do you think about being an average student?

4 thoughts on “Advantages of an average student

  1. Throughout my whole life, I was a straight A student (even in college), and I have to say that the 3 points you listed should be a priority for every type of student, especially the 2nd and 3rd points. Without peace of mind and soul, you can’t function. Without good health, you can’t function. Without support, you’ll go insane. It’s really all a matter of finding what suits you and being comfortable with it. 🙂

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    1. I agree. It certainly is the truth for all students. But it affects the lower end a little more, because there is this feeling of inadequate performance and unable to fulfill. And also the fact that we might not get what we want. And as I realize that,

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      1. I figured that I really needed to tell myself that I was better at certain things. And these grades don’t define who I am. I have tried to be a straight A student. And all I feel is absolutely fatigued and the fact that I’m always not up to par. It took me a while to realize that I’m really just better off accepting the grades since there was so much more to finding a job and being successful than grades.

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      2. I’m happy to hear that you’re very realistic and grounded in your desires and goals to live your best life ❤ not many are capable of doing so, even long after they've been out of school.

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